Public Relations Specialist (Arlington Heights, IL)

Responsible for advancing public relations/outreach programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for Design Furniture / Decor Plus; implement public relations and communication strategies; organize outreach programs and assist in preparing departmental budgets and policies; produce marketing and promotional materials; produce public content including social media and maintain a database for them; identify main target groups and audiences and determine the best way to communicate publicity information to them; promote the Company's services through public relations initiatives; function as a liaison between the Company, its customers, and the public; research media coverage and industry trends; establish and maintain good-natured relationships with other agencies, organizations, local and municipal government officials, and media representatives.

Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communications, or Political Science & International Relations required; M-F, 40 hrs/wk; Send resumes (by mail only) to Mevlut H Cinar, Design Furniture and Lab Systems Inc., 2420 E Oakton St. Unit:Y, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.